Welcome to the
Rotary Club of 
League City, Texas!


Thursdays at 12 Noon
Esteban's Fiesta Shack
402 W. Main Street
League City

2nd Thursday --
Food Truck Service Project

2nd Thursday
Galveston County Food Truck Distribution Day

Hometown Heroes Park
1001 E League City Pkwy, League City, TX 77573

We will be at Hometown Heroes Park in the
large parking lot
by the soccer fields.

Come join the fun and VOLUNTEER OR
>> BE A FOOD TRUCK SPONSOR for only $250.


International Convention 2022 - HOUSTON
JUNE 4-8th, 2022


The Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) is a grassroots training program that has been growing and expanding since 1992.  Its purpose is to help ANY ROTARIAN prepare for their club and community leadership roles through a quality training and educational experience. RLI has spread to over 400 districts in the Rotary world and has been translated into ten languages. For more information visit https://www.rotary5910.org/


A Simple act…
Can have an enormous effect.
Make a contribution of $100 or more to The Rotary Foundation for Polio Plus between now and May 31, 2022 and a matching donation will be made to Polio Plus thanks to two generous benefactors! (Matching funds up to $100,000 or until funds are depleted). PLEASE DONATE THROUGH  MY.ROTARY.ORG TO ENSURE PROPER CREDIT.

                                    BUT WAIT…THERE’S MORE!
You will receive RI Paul Harris Fellow matching points for your contribution and in addition (upon request) the benefactor will match your contribution with points (maximum 500 points per donor) and will transfer them to your member or club account.  Read more details...

Rotarian Mary makes a $500 donation to Polio Plus and receives 500 PHF points.
A matching cash donation is made to the Polio Plus fund by the benefactor and 500 points will be transferred to her account upon request. It is a super way to support The Rotary Foundation and become a Paul Harris Fellow or advance to the next level of PHF recognition. You must REQUEST the points transfer by providing the following information:

Date of Donation
Member or Club ID #
Amount Contributed

Email information to: brendawalker2010@gmail.com
We will verify the payment and then prepare the points transfer form.

So what are you waiting for...act now!


According to the Rotary International website. Jennifer Jones imagines Rotary fulfilling big dreams. "Imagine, a world that deserves our best where we get up each day knowing that we can make a difference." For full announcement shown on the Rotary,org website, click here.

Imagine Rotary the theme for 2022-2023 explained by incoming President Jennifer Jones.

The theme graphic was designed by an Australian indigenous artist to link with the Melbourne convention in 2023.
  • Circle - connections to one another

  • Dots around it - Our People

There are 7 Dots because of our Rotary’s 7 areas of focus
  • Circle + dots around it - Navigation star, our guiding light

  • Green solid line - digging stick (used when doing hard work);

for us it’s People of Action, represents the tools for getting things done
Colors: Purple, Green & White -
  • Celebrate DEI- Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

  • Freedom to express ourselves differently but still with a special connection.

Purple- Polio
Green- the Environment
White - Peace
  • Represents Empowerment and Newness and also the colours were utilised for the women's movement giving us the opportunity to grow our female membership.



The Rotary Club of League City funds projects in the community, the region, and the world. If you would like to help:


Upcoming Events
Rotary Lunch/Esteban's Fiesta Shack, League City
May 19, 2022 12:00 PM
Sasha Francis/Galveston Bay Foundation 
Rotary Lunch/Esteban's Fiesta Shack, League City
May 26, 2022 12:00 PM
Misty Gaweleck/Eye care and information
Rotary Lunch/Esteban's Fiesta Shack, League City
Jun 02, 2022 12:00 PM
Josh Jones/Texas Bluechips Youth Baseball
Mobile Food Distribution-Hometown Heroes Park, LC
Jun 09, 2022 12:00 PM
No luncheon meeting on 6/9/22
Rotary Lunch/Esteban's Fiesta Shack, League City
Jun 16, 2022 12:00 PM
Marc Edelman/PC & Cable - "Cyber Security"
Rotary Lunch/Esteban's Fiesta Shack, League City
Jun 23, 2022 12:00 PM
New Club President Induction - Cara Haddock

Across Europe, Rotaract members are using digital tools to share information and coordinate to help people who have been affected by the war in Ukraine

Six Rotary members were honored in March as People of Action: Champions of Girls’ Empowerment during Rotary Day with UNICEF in New York City. This distinction recognizes the honorees’ commitment to improving girls’ access to education, health, and sanitation and hygiene resources, as well as their work to create environments where girls can flourish.

Learn more about the general secretary and CEO of Rotary International and The Rotary Foundation, John Hewko.

Rotary supports UN General Assembly resolutions calling for an immediate ceasefire and withdrawal of Russian military forces from Ukraine.

Our progress in the fight against polio shows why vaccination is important

Rotary clubs have taken swift action to provide food, water, medical equipment, and shelter for Ukrainian refugees.

Rotary Club of League City
P.O. Box 643
League City, TX 77574